If you think you have destroyed me,
You are mistaken.

If you never think of me again,
You will.

For on earth there may not be a reckoning,
But there will be a day in the end.

So sow your wild seeds
And reap your wicked deeds,
And do just as you wish.

For there is a time that will come
When all will be totaled
And there will be a sum.

You will look and you will see
The price of your life...

And the debt that you face,
Without God, no grace.

The people you swindled,
The life that you dwindled.

The women that you defiled,
the lives that you beguiled.

The people that you hurt,
How you crawled in the dirt.

And now before the throne
You must explain to the Lord alone
Why you cared not for your fellow man
But lived life by your wicked hand.
And all the destruction that you left behind
You will face it and you will find
That all your running could not get you free.
One day
All the consequences
You’ll see.

by ELL

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