In the Future

In the Future

Tomorrow unseen
Light will yet come
When life has begun
Waiting and waiting
'Till waiting is through
What shall I do?

Lackadaisical ways of life
As if to wake one day
To do it right.
Today's ways won't effect me?
Learning, learning
The way I should go.
Looking back and crying,
"Where did it go?"

The start
The finish
Both so great.
But what of the time between?
And, what of the moment before the start?
Right after the finish
What of that part?

A moment,
A moment,
A moment,
A moment.
A moment,
A moment.
Days and years
Full of laughter
Scattered with tears.

So, when will the future start?
What of that day
When I can say,
"I'm on my way."

The journey
The course
Comes in a breeze
And whispers by.
How very sly.
A mighty force
Passes unseen
To those blinded to today.

The futures not waiting
It's right where I am.

Life is created
Day by day.
We shape our life
By how we live our day.

God is eternal
Free of sin
All glory to Him.

Life is created
Given as a gift.
To what purpose
Will you use it?

by ELL

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