Brain Fried

Brain Fried

Thoughts drifting
In and out.

Stuck in a cave
Unable to get out.

Over and over inside my head.

Do others ponder
Until brain dead?

From every corner
I take a look.
Reading every letter
Inside my scrambled book.
In between.
I've memorized
The lines of every scene.

But still the answers don't come.
I'm tempted to role over and just suck my thumb.
But really, come on?
When will I see
The answer
To the questions plaguing me?

God, I've asked
I've prayed
I've cried
I've reached out
'Till my brain felt fried
And totally burnt out.

But still I'm banging
On a steel door.
No one is answering
I feel ignored.
I can't get in
It's too big for me.
You have the answer
The lock
And the Key.

So, open up
What I can't unlock?
Bring an answer
To the door I've knocked
My bloody hands into?

I'm not bitter
I just need you:
To answer the questions,
To open the door,
Get me out of the cave
From endless mind boggling
Will you save?

by ELL

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