A train in motion
Steaming forward
Whistling out its noise
Ever in motion
That’s where I have been.

But in this quiet solitary moment
I come.
Before a throne of acceptance,
Approaching one who will see me
Through all my noise and spinning.
He will see me as I am
And in being seen
I will be still
I will find peace.

Can my heart fade into yours?
Could all that troubles me slip away?
Could the burning questions be answered?
Could what I feel be peace and ease?
My heart craves that.

Love me and I will grow.
Accept me and I will flower.
I want to find a garden where I can be planted.
Is there a place for me?

God, speak to me, please?
I need you.

My heart feels bleak.
I feel sad.
I need you.
I crave.

God in heaven,
I crave you.

by ELL

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