Broken Soul

Broken Soul

Broken soul
Bent in two
I have seen
All done to you.

Enduring day
Enduring night.

With all you have
You learned to fight.

Hammered down,
Soul spent,
Feeling the worth
Of a can
At the bent and dent.

You hope for more
Wishing to see
An end to all the tragedy.

Enduring day
Enduring night.

Would someone else
Treat you right?

In your bed
Wishing inside that you were dead.

Broken soul
Torn in two
When I bled that day
I bled for you.

For every time he took your heart.
For every piece he pulled apart.
For every dream
That fell to the ground.
On the cross
I heard the sound.

For every tear that filled your eye,
For every tear that you would cry.
I bled from my very heart
I too was torn apart.

Broken soul torn in two
I have seen all done to you.

Broken soul
I’ll mend your heart
And put together
What was torn apart.

by ELL

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