Sunken Vessel Rising

Sunken Vessel Rising

I have sunken like a ship
Down to the Ocean’s floor.
I’ve seen my integrity wash away
Until it was no more.

I have fallen.

I sailed as a vessel – mighty.
The waves sang my song.
My rudder closely guided.
No storm could turn me wrong.

Then came the wind.
Then came the dance.
The Ocean and the Sea.
My pride held no chance.

I cracked in the storm.
The waves broke me in two.
A hurricane split me open
And there I was consumed.

The deep became my grave,
Waters dark within.
Giving sight to my weakness
Laying eyes on my sin.

How could God ever forgive me?
How could he ever care for me again?

Then I remembered Jonah
And how he sank to the deep
Alive in his grave
Who could hear him weep?

God heard.

Then I remembered David
How his desire consumed
When his mind went astray
His actions followed soon.

A man after God’s very heart
In contemplation of sin
This great king
Fell apart.

The thought of him awaking,
Of coming to.
Drenching his pillow
‘Till his eyes held no dew.

I could reach through the pages
Of the Bible and touch
The broken
Torture of such.

And then I remembered
From the shadows
From the darkness
They were brought back.

From the cursed
From the broken
From the depths of the sea
From the places that are hidden

God can reach me.

From my sin
From my shame
From this place that I dwell
From the court yards
From the sanctums
From the gates of hell.

From any were
And every where that I can fall
Not only will he lift me up
He will bid me
“Child, stand tall,
Stand firm,
LIfT Up your face.
You are forgive
Hold no more disgrace.
Beyond forgiving you
I bid you back
To my love
To my forgiveness
To all you can be
To find great life
In living for me.”

by ELL

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