Angel Song

Angel Song

She wakes each day to sorrow
A downpour in her soul
This tragic angel living
With a rising gaping hole

A tsunami unexpected
Broke her life in two
Father, Sister washed away
There was nothing she could do

Now the morning comes
And she is just alive
A stale soul
Only trying to survive

The tastless air
The lifeless breath
Alive but living
In her own personal death

But she wakes
And dresses
She turns on the light
She goes on
She goes on living
Even though she lives in night

Slowly the clock...
The night away

And from the numbing sorrow
She sees a crack of light
Just a bit of day

The strength of rising
Of just going on
Increases to living
And living becomes a song

Now she is more
Then a broken angel
And a torn soul

In her the light of God is dawning
She is rising from the dead

She is hope revealed
For the living dead

They know when they see her
That they can go on
They see it in her compassionate eyes
They hear it in her life...
Her life is her song

by ELL

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