In Deed

I'm still swimming through this deep
Still hiding in the keep
Still fighting for light of day
Still plugging on to find my way

Loving to much
Wishing to deep
Finding my dreams
Have long been asleep

Making new friends
Only to find
They don't wish
To be mine

Rolling in the deep
Fighting my soul to keep

Making new friends
Only to see
They are the true
Enemy of me

Two faced
Users of life
Cutting their prey
Their words their knife

Reaching past self
Find a true friend
Finding life's wealth

God knows
God sees
God knows
God plans
Past my dreams
Past my what ifs
There he still stands

Do your worst
Do your best
Your still who you are
Plan your sceems
They won't go so far
One day your victims
Will see who you are

Black widow spider
Viper in deed
Playing the victim
Just to fill your need

I shut my mouth
I close my voice
I reach for God
I make my choice

by ELL

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