Who are You?

I don't know the next step
What to do is not in view

I struggle with the connecting
And the finding of you

Everyone has a take
On who you're supposed to be

My thoughts are always moving
Searching for the God I want to see

Religion has crafted
And sculpted your face
But the likeness it purposes
Of you reflects no trace

I feel the bitter loneliness
Of not finding you
The grave feeling
Of what should I do?

I'm sifting through thoughts
The good and bad I see
The God that's invisible
Does he really touch you and me

The world in angry
They want you to move
They see the world hurting
And want you to prove

That you are good
And powerful too
That you do the things
That make you, you.

So here I am
I will continue to be
One searching for you
For your greatness to see

Going to church
Sitting in a pew
Reciting a prayer
Singing a song
It isn't love
It's a resounding gong.

I'll ask the questions
"Good" Christians won't
I'll approach your throne
When they say, "Don't"
Not in brazen disrespect
But because I want to not regret
If you are real
And good and strong
I want to know you
And live your song...
The life and beauty that you speak
The wholeness of you
Is what I seek.

by ELL

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