Maybe and What If

Sometimes this world is too much
And everyone's around you
But there's no one to touch.

So you sit in your sorrow
You hide inside your soul

Everyone is near you
But there's no one to know

You say everything
Except what you mean

And your voice is shouting
But you remain unseen

Sometimes your heart is full of things to give
But you feel empty without a place to live

If you could just dance your dance and be free
But you're bound by ropes others can't see

Maybe you were meant to be beautifully broken
A crazy catastrophe of art

Maybe the best part of you
Is the brokenness of your heart

Maybe others can see themselves
In your mixed up soul

What if the wholeness that you give
Is the broken honesty that you know

If you could find a place to rise
A breath to embrace

If you could find the heart to love
The sorrow in your face

Maybe if you could see yourself
Through the eyes of love

You would rise from the ashes
Like the dawning sky

You would know that you are more
Then the first glance of the eye

by ELL

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