"What If"

"What If"

If you miss me?
If you hurt?
Let "what if"
Blow away
Let the wind take it.
Let it go
With the Autumn leaves.

I am a memory
I am "what if"
A whisper in your heart
A tugging song
Haunting you in the night.
I bring with me sorrow and enchantment.
My questions can never be answered.

So release me to the wind.
Let me rise to the heavens
And watch me drift away.
Scatter my ashes
Over the ocean
And then run.

It's Ok,
Let me go.

by ELL

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Anonymous said...

Love it ELL. "What If" is like that place where pleasure and pain meet. That place where you are left wondering where the one begins and the other ends. You have described it well.