Healing Fire

Healing Fire

I see a woman with cancer
Pouring her heart out before God
Doing all she can
There's nothing more she can do.

She's prayed 'till the tear drops
Have washed over her soul
And all she asks
Is God make me whole.

She's weary from praying
And hoping each day
That she will wake
And God's taken it away.

And God there is sorrow
In the hearts of the sick
There is so much pain
It bleeds so thick.

So I'm praying
I'm praying...

Lord, won't you strengthen hands that are shaking
Bind up all the broken
Mend bodies torn apart
Bring new life again.

I'm calling into the depths of heaven
Send down the fire
Heal all the sickness
Bring new life again.

I'm calling your tomorrows
Telling them you will live.
Each day destined for you
To sickness and death
God will not give.

by ELL

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