The Black Hole

The Black Hole

In the black hole I strained to see
Past the abyss engulfing me.

Darkness shifting
A torrent of sound
Then came a wind
Swirling around.

Life captured
The deepest of probes
An endless darkness,
Who can know?

Soundless lifeless place to dwell
Like staggering dead into the courts of hell.

Scratching and clawing for light of day
In denied blindness I lost the way.

A whisper in silence
Wakes the dead.
Reality of where I’ve been
To much for my head.

A smog of fear to reach through
This dense fog fills me too.

Finding a cold separation from light.
Struggling even for a lesser of night.

Shaking, quaking loosing control
Remembering something of innocence I know.

A deep breath, in and out.
A God reaching through my cloud of doubt.

I feel You, see You, I know You’re here.
Closing my eyes I see you standing near.

Life can touch me and then peace.
Open my eyes
From this prison give release.

by ELL

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