An Open Door

An Open Door

I've just come around
I'm new here
You see
And well,
I've needed someone
To love me for me.

A friendly hello
The warmth of a hug
A kind listening ear
To be close to hear
The thoughts of my heart
Whatever they be.

I've needed someone
To be here for me.

A door opens
A friendly smile.
A friend you've been
All the while.

To me yes,
You have opened the door.
I know you’re a friend
And so much more.

Though I am new,
You hardly know me.
You've offered your kindness
So willingly.

Now thank you,
I must say
For I feel so free
To come to your door
And share a bit of me.

You listen so kindly.
Your caring does show.

I'm thankful for your friendship.
I want you to know.

by ELL

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