Rest for a Warrior Child


I can't breathe
This life has knocked the wind out of me.
And, never mind tomorrow,
I can't take another step.

I can't walk on,
I'm not strong enough.
I can't go on,
I'm not strong enough.

You can't breathe
This storm will knock the life out of you
And, never mind tomorrow,
You won't take another step.
You're not strong enough
You can't go on
You're not strong enough


You don't have to walk on.
When you're not strong,
You can rest in me.
I'll carry you on when you're not strong.

You can rest,
You can rest,
You can rest,
You can rest in me.

I'll give you my breathe,
I'll give you my rest,
Just let me.

I see the sorrow.
I see the pain.
I see the nights when you cried
'Till all of you was drained.

Lay down your armor, Warrior child.
Put down your sword and rest for a while.

Lay your head to my chest.
Give into my rest,
Just come and rest,
Come and rest,
Come and rest in me.

And in my time, in my rest,
You will go on
You will be strong
You will go on
You will be strong enough
You won't withstand the storm
You will be the storm.
And your enemy will be swept away

I was the child
I am the Warrior
Enemy, you have said that I cannot withstand the storm
I am the Storm.

Warrior to the Father:
Cover me in your armor
Place your sward in my hand
Fill my eyes with fire
Let lightning come from my other hand
Place me in your chariot
Set me on a course
To be a Storm for heaven
Let the enemy be warned.

by ELL