A Moment of Grace


In a moment of grace
He opened my eyes
To the depth of my need
To my insecure pride.

Revealed my weakness
The strength of man.
How frail a hope
Upon I stand.

The pain of seeing me
For what I am:
Hopelessly broken
Clinging to man.

Approval ever wanting
Unfulfilled inside
Needing strength
Man can’t provide.

The hand of God
Grabbed hold of me
Touching the core
Of insecurity.

Pulling me up
From the pit of fear
He beckoned my heart
To draw near.

How pleasant His appeal
To my soul.
The closer I come
The more I am whole.

A new longing awakened,
To sit at His feet.
The bread of life
I hunger to eat.

Strength and nourishment
To body and soul.
Your word to my heart
Is a burning coal.

Fire of Your Spirit
Come rest upon me.
In Your presence
I long to be.

Now the plea I bring before You,
The cry of my heart.
Is to be with You
And not to part.

To hold tightly
To Your hand
Each day to grow
And with You stand.

Consistently coming
Before Your throne
And not to loose
What I have known.

Come Lord
Live in me
Always be
My security.


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