Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow

Faced with a place
I've never gone before
Excited and terrified
What will be in store?

All my ambitions, hopes and dreams
Fall from my face
In watery streams

I've never been in this place before
Coming to the end,
Finding a sandy shore

All of this training
Still an ocean to explore
If only I knew more

But, I've never been in this place before.

There's a horizon before me
But I can't see
What's over the rainbow waiting for me

Is it a twister waiting to take
All of my plans
Leaving a mistake


Is it a road
That I must cross
Met with challenges but not eternal loss

I shake inside
As I try to see
Is what it takes
Inside of me?

It's over the rainbow
Beyond my sight.
But I want it
With all my might

It's funny how rainbows
Aren't what they seem
You think you know what you want
Then you wake from a dream

It's over the rainbow
Where I've never gone before
But I have a Savior
Who knows every shore

I may be afraid
Trying too hard to fight
I can put down my worries
They don't make it right

Over the rainbow
Where I've never gone before
There's beauty and wonder
And so much more...

by ELL

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