Human Pride

Human Pride

Why do we shove a man aside
When he can no longer “earn” his pride?
What hinders us that we cannot see
The real man inside the body?

Have we become so blind
That we cannot see
The lonely eyes crying out
“help me?”

When we gaze upon a hopeless face
Yet refuse compassion
And with hold grace
Then it is obvious, we are the disgrace.
We degrade the human race.
Further showing what’s inside,
Sin, selfishness, and human pride
A heart where God does not abide.

Look past the face
This I plea?
Look past the body
Most people see?
Look at the heart
The pain inside
See a man broken of human pride?
Humbly he reaches out his hand
Hoping, somehow, humanity will understand.
Will you pass him by again today,
Letting your pride have its way?

by ELL

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