Do You Remember Me?

Do You Remember Me?

Volcano rising
Suppressed down
Burning inferno
Making little sound.

Engulfed in regret
Of, “What if.”
Shifting shadows
My mind sift.

I caught your eyes
For a moment
And we remembered
All we ever felt.

But that time has passed
You moved on,
So did I
And time went by.

Am I still a memory
In your head?
Or is that memory

Remember how you
Threw me in the trash
And walk on
Never hearing the crash.

I picked up myself and washed you off
I scrubbed my soul with a dirty cloth.

And you laughed
And danced
And did as you pleased
And moved on to spread your disease.

The thought of this makes it hard to mend
Damage done by a, “friend.”

But, what if
I could run into the wind
And leave you behind?

What if I could wash my soul
And make redemption mine?
What if I could forgive you
And count it no loss
What if someone else could pay the cost?

What if God could set me free
From the burning volcano
Inside of me?

by ELL

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thats all I can say. Wow. You nailed it like a target to my soul. To my heart. you are very gifted. And you do amazing work. I hope that God keeps working through you in this way that brings healing to you and to others. Thank you.