I didn't think I'd breathe again.
I didn't think I'd live.
I didn't think I'd breathe again,
But here I am taking it in.

There's a power I was searching for,
Something more than me.

I thought that all I could do
Is just get through the day.
I barely held to the dream
That there was a better way.

Life. What is that?
Just something to pass me by.

But I cried out to God anyway
Just hoping he wouldn't leave me to die.

And somehow I'm breathing again.
Somehow I'm taking it in,
Past all my failures,
Past all my sin.
There's a power soaring in me,
A life I didn't know could be,
And I'm just breathing it in.
I'm just living with glory in me.

So now,

I'm gonna soar over all my fears.
I'm gonna live past what I see
And the revenge I get, over what was stolen,
Is what God's gonna make me be.

by ELL

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