Alive Again

Alive Again

I was dead
And dying
I was broken
From trying.

Awoke in the night
Turned out the light
And found myself alone.

My husband asleep beside me
My thoughts alone to guide me
How the demons creep as the mind seeps
Into a world unknown

The night it took me in
And brought me to my sin.
My life was not my own

Oh, how darkness surrounds
And quickly drowns.
The hopeless life within

But when I was dead
And dying
A part of me was still crying
To find some hope again

Wondered out into the night
The stars trickled in light
And there I stood alone

Ready to give into the night
But you whispered your light
And my drowned body was pulled to shore

When I was dead
And dying
I was broken
From trying
Your light pulled me in
I was like a rag doll limp from sin
But you rescued me again
And breathed your life within
And one dead and dying
Was brought back to life without trying

I feel alive again
There’s light in me again
And I have never been alone.

by ELL

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