The Way It Is

I'm was so insecure
And wrapped up in me
I thought I'd never ever be what I wanted to be
Rejected, unwanted and filled with doubt
I turn my eyes inward
And found I was without

No one wanted me
And I fought to be seen
And so I was broken
And empty
Nothing felt redeemed

Depression engulfed me
I sank so deep
With no breath left in me
No life still to keep

I couldn't rise above it
No matter what you'd say
Your words were lifeless
They died where they lay

You spoke with such wisdom
It's was bla, bla in my ear
Maybe if you'ed looked at me
And see all my tears

Nothing but a mess
Trying to find a crumb
And the more I struggled
The more I grew numb
Numb to think anything could change

This is who I was...

I thought this is how I will stay.

I lost count of the hours
In which I lived this way

But you found me in the darkness
You drove your hand through the night
Breaking off my chains
You cut through the depression
With a sward of light

I dropped like a rag doll
You scooped me up
My tears
They came like a fire
And cleansed through my soul
They burned through my mind
Healing me whole

You freed me
You gave me back life
My mind is my own again
Now I give you my life.

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