That You'd Do Anything

I shut myself off
To hard to feel
I walked away
Questioning if your real

I saw the pain
The coldness of life
The agony of others
It cut me
Like a rusty knife

I closed myself down
Medicated the pain
Avoided you
But all in vain

You find me darkness
You find me in light
I hide from your presence
I run from your sight
But every place I flee
I find you there


I still fear
And worry
And ache
At what I don't understand
Do some people you forsake
Or is suffering part of your plan?

I know it's not true
But it's hard to explain
How I see evil hurting
Causing so much pain

God open me up to trust you again
To believe in your goodness
That you really are my friend
That those who hope in you
Aren't left to die

That you rescue those who call out
That you feel our pain when we cry
That you don't punish us as we deserve
That you don't hurt us to make us learn

That you're good
That you're kind
That you're forgiving and full of joy
That you grieve when we grieve
And that you plan for us more

That sickness makes you angry and you want to tear it away
That you'd give all you have just to make it go away
That you'd do what ever it takes to make it right
That you'd fight in our corner and give hell a hell of a fight
That you'r for us, not against us
And you have a master plan
That you see our pain and you really understand
That you reach past heaven to touch our souls
To quench our thurst and hunger
To make us whole

But then...

You did, didn't you.

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