Little  babies
Dear ones to hold
So innocent
Now life so cold

How do we go on knowing what is true
Knowing what happened to you

Dear little ones
We embrace you in our hearts
We wish that we could have saved you
And torn that savage apart

Every one is reaching
Trying to find a way
To make sense of the tragedy
That happened yesterday

We think of the families
Our hearts break in two
We reach out wishing there were something we could do
And we hold our children close
We cry in the dark
Thinking of the parents who will never see
The sweet children killed in this tragedy

Fear steels our senses
And tears security apart

Now, God we don't understand
Why didn't you intervene
And save those innocent 
From all this evil we have seen

I want to understand
I want to believe
But I am torn by the pain
That surrounds me

And for the dear little babies and the others who fell 
We plead to God
Heal this nation
Heal these broken and shattered
We are a nation in pain
Not knowing what to do
The best of what I know
Is to cry out to you

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