I've Been ME

I've Been ME

I've been the victim
And the one to blame
I've been the hero
And the one who caused the pain

I've been quirky
And I've been boring and no fun

And smart
I've been at the finish line
And at the start

I've been picked
And I've been passed
Mended fences
And broken glass

I've been big
And I've been small
Said words that were kind
And one's that weren't at all

I've been broken
And too many times fixed
Played a lot of jokes
Fallen for a lot of tricks

I've started
And I broke up a fight
Lived in the day
Survived the night

I've given myself a pass
And punished myself to no end
Been an enemy
And a friend

Opened my heart
Hidden my pain
Given myself
Held back in restrain

I've feared
And I have not
Been abandoned
And deeply sought

I have not known who to be
And sometimes I have just been me

by ELL

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