In the Land of the Shadow

In the land of the shadow of the unseen
They lived in a limbo of in between
Inside out they dove within
But couldn't find the right side again

The people lingered and poured
Through the night
Cursing themselves for their futile fight
Powerless to their very will

Dry ice and fire invisible
Numbed them to the inevitable
Storms and dryness
Did overtake

They lost themselves
Inside a snowflake
Microcosm of near miss
Misunderstood real bliss

Doubt and fear
Crept through the crack
And all gathered
To take it back

The realm of the living
And of the dead
Fought for something
Inside their head

In the land of the shadow of the unseen
They dreamed a dream passed in between
A land beyond the shadow mass
Where crystal like lights forever pass

They dreamed of shadows lifting
And of the dryness shifting
Hoping beyond their fate
They dreamed of something immensely great

by ELL

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