Deep Beauty

Sand between my fingers
Out of control
If only to find the portal
To take back what is not mine
To stop thief just in time

I'm clinging to a moment
Hoping to hold on
My grip is grasping
But is anyone that strong

We were meant
To be beautiful
An untaught skill
A natural cannot evade it
But time will take it's kill

Cling and fight
How can you hold on
Finding that you love something
That too soon is gone

Untangle the thread
Remove the lie
Show me something more
Then what can catch my eye

Deeper let me go
Further find a way
To see the beauty in me
In which I want to stay

I'll catch your eye for a moment
Then you'll give me away
The value is a token
It's meaning
Too quickly broken

Find me here
In the water
Out in the deep
I'll leave the sand behind
Into the ocean

Let the water overwhelm me
Let the waves take me in
Leave the pain in the drowning
Let all the deep call again

In the glory is the treasure
Past my fear is something more
At the bottom of the ocean
Let me find something
I can adore

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