Sick of Fake

Sick of fake
Done with smoke
People's smiles
Too often a joke

Give me real
Show me something more
I'm tired of the games
The clicks are just a bore

High School
Is over
Could we remember that
I'm looking for friends
Not some junior high frat.

I know I seem bitter
And maybe I am
Really, I don't mean to be
I'm just tired of not being loved for me.

I'm real
Quirky and fun

But they see something else...

I don't know?
But I think I'm done.

Yet, I have those friends
Who are so good and true
Who seem me the way
I'm sure God sees me too

And when I'm with them
I'm awesome
I'm me.

I'm totally
Real and fee
The best I can be.

Boy, would the fake
Be surprised if they could see
The person they miss
When they judge me.

by ELL

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