Look at me Pharisee
I can smell your hypocrisy

You know so well
All that is true
Could anyone lead the blind
Quite like you

You sit on your Little thrown
And judge the world
With little known

Venomous little rat
Self-righteous garden snake
You turn up your nose
And leave dead in your wake

Little, little, little man
You are so small
You judge as though
You were 9 ft. tall.

Looking down on others
Calling their misfortunes sin
You refuse to let
The less perfect in.

But you are so small

And my friend that you judged
She is so tall

She lived through hell
And still held strong
She held to God
When others did her wrong.

She didn't give up
When abused
She lived through a monster
But didn't choose to be one too.

And the way you judge
Aren't you a little monster too?
I pray God's mercy on you?

You acquit the guilty
And charge the innocent
You have no shame
You are so little
So small
I won't say your name.

by ELL

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