Dotty Toddy

Dotty Toddy

Dotty Toddy refused the potty
And out the door she ran
Diaper flying
Face smiling,
“Catch me if you can.”

Mommy Toddy flew after little Dotty
With wipes and books and potty
Crying, “Little Dotty, stop,
Stop for the potty.”


Dotty’s little feet did a pitter-patter beat
As down the sidewalk she trot
Wild and free she ran to pee
In such a peculiar spot.


Out the neighboring window peered Mrs. Cotty
Who watched all that transpired between mommy Toddy and little Dotty
Turning up her nose she quickly composed
A snarl and cross word to give.


Out the door she waltzed
But her plans shortly came to halts
For there peed Dotty Toddy,
And may I say,
Not on the potty.

Mommy Toddy cried,
“No, no Dotty,
That, for sure isn’t a potty.

For though it wasn’t the potty
That’s were little Dotty
Chose to do her wee.

On the door step of Mrs. Cotty's
Little Toddy did her pee.

As a result,

Mommy Toddy did take
Little Dotty home,
(As she cried tears that were fake)
And she put her to bed
Without any cake.

And what of Mrs. Cotty
She learned not to be snotty
But bought a treat for Dotty
When she finally used the potty.


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Rachel said...

ROFL, that's hilarious!