She's prayed every prayer she knows
Now the grief rips her soul through

Sand through her fingers
Her hope slips away
Is God really listening
Will He heal her someday?

Are miracles fairy tails?
Stone embraces her heart
She's afraid to keep hoping
Already torn apart

(Friends look on
Weeping hand in hand
The ways of God
We don't understand)

Oh sister,
We will embrace you
And build a tower around your soul
We will kneel before God
Until he makes you whole

We will wage war
We will fight
We will cry
God is still able
He is still Good
He hears our cry

She is so hurt
And in need
We will bring oil
We will wash her feet

Rise up sister
Or lean on us if need
Don't give up
We will rush the gates of heaven
To meet your need

by ELL

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