Indifferent Friend

Sick of trying to be your friend
To make you laugh

Why did you make me feel like I am amazing person
Like I am funny
And quirky
You made me like me more
At first

But my novelty wore off
And now I am ignored
And you fight against everything I say

It's not fair
I hate that you made me care
You became one of my best friends
And now you are indifferent

I just want to run away
I don't want to get hurt today

Done trying to be
Just to get you ignoring me

I hate that I feel
Like I need your friendship
I hate needing anyone
Like that

Why can't I finally be
Something more
Then needy me

And you...
Everyone loves you
Everyone likes you
Everyone seems to want your time and attention
One more reason I am dispensable

I'm insecure
And your ridiculously confident
Nothing hurts you
And you don't need anything or anyone

Part of me wishes
I'd never met you
Then you couldn't hurt me
And not have a clue

I don't want to want to be friends with you

It's all so dumb
I'm going to frighten you away
With my neediness
And really
It's not your job to make me feel anything
I just need to be whole
On my own

by ELL

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