Falling Short of Glory

Falling Short of Glory

Falling short of glory
It’s the place from which I’ve come
A place of desperation
Where the sinners just begun

Falling short of glory
Looking for a plan
Unsure of how to handle
Things I don’t understand

I thought I could pull through
Doing it on my own
I faced a rugged road
And forgot my way home

Falling shot of glory
Disappointed in me
I can’t help but hate
All that I can’t help but be

A sinner who keeps sinning
A glutton in my soul
Consuming all that’s raging
A furnace with no goal

Fiery contemplation
Burns all around
I’m so busy
I can’t hear a sound

My soul is an icicle
That melts within me
I’m a puddle of despair
Of what I wish I could be

Dreams fly high
Joy is in sight
But then comes a turn
And life feels like night

Emotions like oceans
Up and down waves toss
Steadying my ship
Seems a battle that’s lost

I’ve fallen short of glory
The short reach of my hand
Burning for the grace of what I don’t understand
Reaching for a touch
The comfort of grace
To know that I have failed
And still have a place

Harder on myself then God may be
I often find myself to be my worst enemy

I’ve fallen short of glory
It’s the reach of my hand
It doesn’t matter how hard I try
The reach I can’t expand

I’ve fallen short of glory
But I know that God sees me
All that I hope for
And wish I could be

Falling short of glory
Wasn’t the end of the plan
It was the start of something greater
Where God reached out his hand

His arm not to short to save
How quickly he will come
And free us from the things
To which we choose to run

Falling short of glory
Isn’t the end of the plan
It’s the place where I find Jesus
And finally take his hand.

by ELL

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I look through your poams,and so many I can relate to. And to this one I definatly can. To that point of falling, of not knowing what to do, or how to handle it. yeah, I know how that is. Thank you once again for opening your heart and letting the world see. And thank you for reminding me to reach out to God first before making my own choices. I needed that reminder!
Love your sister in christ.