Discouragement, you are a liar and leach
You suck my dreams dry
Telling me that what is, will never change
And I can never be more than I am
I can never have what I dream of.

Discouragement, you are an anesthetic
Numbing my will to fight
Making me drowsy
With words,
“It will never work.”
“Others will always be better.”
“You will fail.”

Discouragement, your friends are
And Fear.

I would like to hang you, Discouragement.
Let me take you out to the back forty
And shoot the living daylights out of you
I would love to strangle all your friends one by one.

You don’t deserve to live
For all you have done to so many.
I curse you for existing
And condemn you to the hell you came from.
I remove the day I met you from my memory
And I wipe your name from my understanding.
May you and all that are yours
Be dead to me.

by ELL

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