At the Edge

At the Edge

I live in a cave
As an emotional slave.

Is there a place for me
Outside this dark reality?

Lies and truth inner mix.
I’ve lost sight of how to fix,
Doubt and fear.
Are you really here?

I’ve messed it all up,
Drinking from both sides of the cup.

I need light but I feel dim.
Straining for sight,
I live on a whim.

The feelings are numb,
Dulled by life.
My ambitions cut my soul.
The world’s opinion a dull knife.

Can you see me sitting here?
Inside this room,
Inside this cage,
My face is untrue.
My face is a stage.

I wish I could see you,
Feel you near.
But I feel cut off.
The punishment I fear.

Can you see me
Weeping inside?
Afraid to live.
Afraid not to try.

I want to touch you
And find you here.
But I’ve done so much wrong
Will you make it right?

I’m dead and so alive.
Burning inside but afraid.
A bird ready to fly
Finding itself cage.

Pierce the heart
Let it flow
Free of the garbage
And all I know.

by ELL

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