A Desperate Soul

A Desperate Soul

About me, about me,
God, come about me
And let me feel that you live
Here with me?

In this moment,
In the silence,
In the chose,
In the desperation,
In every moment that I live,
Even when I’ve forgotten you,
Make me certain that you are here.

I want to find you.
I want to find you.
Oh, God, I want to find you.
Will you make yourself known to me here?

I had forgotten,
Ignoring all the greatness,
Surrendered to all the selfishness,
Cocooned in only me.

I am an empty well,
Dry and filled with dust.
Open up a spring of life
And saturate my soul.
Let your heart feel my heart.
Know all that is in me.

Forgive me?
And let me feel your love.
I am a desperate soul,
Longing for the flood of you
To make this soul

by ELL

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laughlogic said...

I wrote this several years ago.