The Fight In YOU

If you are captured by the night
If you have lost your will to fight
If you are broken all the way through
I will give my shoulder to you
Lean on me through this storm
And when the day comes
A new life we'll form

Don't you think that you're alone
There are so many
Life has thrown
Come on now and reach out your hand
All of us broken
Together can stand

You get up when you fall
You rise when you want to sleep
You battle your way out when you're buried 10 feet deep
You think you're weak because you're down
You are strong because you don't stay on the ground
It doesn't matter that you need help to stand
So many others have refused a hand

Now I know I can't make the change for you
But I'll be cheering all the way through
I can't do your run or your climb
But I'm happy to run or climb with you

by ELL

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