Being Honest

I woke up today
Not knowing what to do
I lived in my pain
But that just won't do

Now, I'm waiting for you
I want to close my eyes
And release my soul
To feel the power
Of loosing control

I just need to let go
And feel you take me
Just as I am
There's nothing more I can be
I'm thinking you will understand

I've got scars all over
My soul and my mind
The wounds of my past
Often make me blind
To the truth

I've seen people pray
And believe
And still die
The healing they need

So I'm lost in these thoughts
The disappointing truth
That something doesn't add up
And I don't know what to do
I still believe in you

Don't think I'm walking away
I'm just broken inside
People tell me to crawl into your lap
But I need the flesh of your hands
Not some patronizing sap

I'm not saying I can't feel your spirit
Or that it's touch isn't great
I'm just being honest
About where I'm at
It seems some don't feel right about that

But God in heaven
All of me
Needs all of you
That I can take
I'm so broken...

Will you make a way
That I have yet to see
Will you heal all
That healing need
And help me to understand what I can't see

by ELL

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