There is fire in my heart
I don't know where to start
Can you tell me where to find
The one I call my friend

You were there in the beginning
And I thought until the end
But then I stepped back
And was lost again

Why don't you just stop it
All the pain I see
You died on the cross
Why won't you just save humanity

From sickness and death
And lives torn apart
From the sorrow
Of a babies death
Or berth defect

You could think the thought
And all would be right
Why does it seem
Like I'm alone tonight

I'm trying not to fight you
Trying to be good
But God there's something inside me
Hoping I've misunderstood

I can't stop the questions
The answers that I chase
Keeping me up at night

If I could find the truth...
It I could face.

But I'm still here wondering
Wondering why
I don't understand you
And the questions still burn inside

by ELL

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